Measuring & Fitting

Measurement guide for perfect fit.

You will need a tape measure and a pen and paper

Check that there is a minimum 6 mm clearance between the edge of the window beading and any obstruction including the handle check this on all four sides

Check that the seal on the window does not protrude the glass more than 6mm

If the seals are compressible take a bead to bead measurement

If not compressible take a seal to seal measurement

To do this Measure the width of the glass top and bottom and then the drop on each side

Next measure the depth of the window from the glass to the edge of beading by placing a credit card on the corner of the window frame and using a ruler to find this measurement.

This measurement will be between 20mm and 24mm this is for the size of brackets you require

Fitting Guide for perfect fit

You have four brackets to use so the frame can be fixed onto the window frame

Using a credit card place it at the top of each corner and put a bracket underneath the bottom of it

Do this at the bottom corners but put the brackets at the top of the credit card

The brackets go in between the glass and the rubber seal

The blind is now ready to clip onto the brackets, make sure the blind is open fully to the top

Our Measuring & Fitting Service

At Stylish Blinds we offer a full measuring and fitting service that covers the Evesham and surrounding areas.

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