Venetian Blinds |
The venetian window blind allows you to adjust lighting levels instantly by altering the angle of the slat.

Stylish blinds is a Family owned and run Evesham based company servicing clients in Evesham and the surrounding areas, providing professional made and fitted Venetian blinds.

We offer a wide range of Wooden, Fauxwood and Aluminium Venetian blinds which come in a variety of colours and slat sizes.
The Wooden venetian blinds come corded or with Tapes. The tapes colour can match the blind colour or can be contrasted to make a statement.
Fauxwood blinds are made from a high quality PVC, so they offer the perfect solution to areas of high moisture.

With our new showroom at Four Pools Industrial Estate you can see our extensive range of blinds that we manufacture to order. We are always happy to give any advice that you may need to make your windows compliment your rooms.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further please call us on:
01386 442565